KAKADU is not an ordinary doorbell. It is the doorbell of 21st century. Why do we think that?

50 in 125 in 1

KAKADU gives you up to 50 amazing
built-in melodies in one door chime.


KAKADU means extremely high digital quality of sound. This is not an unreliable toy like other similar products.


Using the USB port you are able to upload any sound clips you want from MP3 and WAV files. Now you can personalize your bell!
Choose a version of KAKADU that better fits your personality!
KAKADU premium50 in 1
Do you have a good sense of humor?
KAKADU premium is right for you!
KAKADU classic25 in 1
Are you a serious man with a good taste? KAKADU classic is right for you!
KAKADU music25 in 1
Are you in love with all kinds of music?
KAKADU music is right for you!
The full list of chimes is listed below. To listen to the chosen melody, just click on it!
KAKADU premium
contains following built-in chimes:
  1. rooster
  2. donkey
  3. big dog
  4. little dog
  5. horse
  6. cow
  7. boar
  8. bird 1
  9. bird 2
  10. cat
  11. sheep
  12. goat
  13. crow
  14. elephant
  15. 2-tone chime 1
  16. 2-tone chime 2
  17. 1-tone chime
  18. church bell
  19. school bell
  20. telephone
  21. siren 1
  22. siren 2
  23. siren 3
  24. ship's siren
  25. factory whistle
  26. harp
  27. snare drum
  28. big drum
  29. trumpet
  30. electronic music
  31. rock
  32. jazz
  33. Hallelujah - George F. Händel
  34. The Four Seasons - Antonio Vivaldi
  35. Sanna - Leopold Mozart
  36. cuckoo clock
  37. knocking
  38. creaking door
  39. glass breaking
  40. machine gun
  41. fan whistle
  42. bicycle horn
  43. car horn
  44. train
  45. jackhammer
  46. deep sleep
  47. crazy laugh
  48. man scream
  49. woman scream
  50. yodeling
KAKADU classic
contains following built-in chimes:
  1. 2-tone chime
  2. 3-tone chime
  3. school bell
  4. telephone
  5. church bell
  6. big drum
  7. snare drum
  8. harp
  9. trumpet
  10. Jan Sebastian Bach
    Toccata and Fugue in D minor
  11. Jan Sebastian Bach
    Brandenburg Concerto No. 3
  12. Antonio Vivaldi
    The Four Seasons (Spring)
  13. Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
    Swan Lake (Dance of the Swans)
  14. Franz von Suppé
    Light Cavalry
  15. George Frideric Händel
    Solomon (Arrival of the Queen of Saba)
  16. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    A Little Night Music
  17. Johann Pachelbel
    Canon in D major
  18. Percy Aldridge Grainger
    Country Gardens
  19. Pablo de Sarasate
    Gipsy Airs
  20. Georges Bizet
  21. Ludwig van Beethoven
    Symphony No. 5 in C minor
  22. Giuseppe Verdi
    Rigoletto (La donna e mobile)
  23. Johann Strauss Jr.
    The Blue Danube
  24. Jacques Offenbach
    Orpheus in the Underworld (Can-can)
  25. George Frideric Händel
    Messiah (Hallelujah)
KAKADU music
contains following built-in chimes:
  1. 2-tone chime
  2. 3-tone chime
  3. school bell
  4. harp
  5. snare drum
  6. trumpet
  7. classic guitar
  8. dance music 1
  9. dance music 2
  10. electronic music 1
  11. electronic music 2
  12. techno
  13. reggae 1
  14. reggae 2
  15. caribbean rhythms 1
  16. caribbean rhythms 2
  17. jazz 1
  18. jazz 2
  19. country
  20. blues
  21. folk rock
  22. rock 1
  23. rock 2
  24. punk
  25. heavy metal
KAKADU has the modern and absolutely fantastic housing. It is available in three colors!

White - Front View
White - Side View

Beige - Front View
Beige - Side View

Ivory - Front View
Ivory - Side View

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